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‘Hello and welcome to my fictional world! Since we're on lockdown and spending so much time at home, I thought it would be fun to share my children's stories on a YouTube Channel. I'll be reading aloud from the Nat Walker series. Please do take a look, subscribe and spread the word! Keep well, safe and creative!
With best wishes, Susan’

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Susan Moore was born in the verdant county of Derbyshire. She emigrated to California in her early twenties in search of sunshine and adventure. She found both at Skywalker Ranch, where she worked for the creative force of Lucasfilm. Unable to escape her own destiny, she finally returned home to England and embarked on the long road to becoming an author.

She now lives in Surrey with her husband, daughter, and two busy dogs - a chippet, and her very own wolf pup. She is fascinated by the potential of technology, particularly robots, and is keeping fingers crossed that dragon robots like Fizz will soon become a part of everyday life. She recently received an MA with distinction in Creative Writing from Kingston University.

The Books

Indigo Island cover

Indigo Island

Out now!

The third riveting story about orphan heiress, Nat Walker, and her robot dragon, Fizz. Nat has faithfully followed the clues her father has left her from beyond the grave, and she is closing in on the prize. Soon, all will become clear and her future path determined. But it will be a dangerous one, and not for the faint-hearted... A page-turning story that brilliantly combines action and adventure with a search for family and knowledge. Completely gripping!

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Crimson Poison

Nat Walker is the orphan heiress to her parents’ games empire. While the mystery behind their deaths remains unsolved, Nat must fend off the unwelcome and avaricious attentions of her aunt, who is keen to “adopt” her and her millions. When her guardian, Jamuka, is called back to Mongolia by a clan emergency, Nat discovers vital information about the poison that is killing his people. She decides to follow him, and in doing so, becomes drawn into the deadly game of revenge, corruption and world domination that is playing out against the snowy white Steppes.

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Crimson Poison cover

"I think it's brilliant"

Rick McCallum, Producer, the Star Wars prequels

Emerald Secret

Emerald Secret

Nat is perched on the prow of the Junko as it glides up the Thames one cold, drizzly night. London is to be her home for the next year, and it looks to be a strange and uninviting place after the bright lights and fast pace of Hong Kong. Little does Nat know that she and her dragon-robot, Fizz, are at the start of their second adventure, one that will see them become lost in the high-tech world of one of her father’s games and seeking out a long-lost Chinese sword. Secrets that have been kept hidden for decades will be revealed and Nat will learn some startling things about her family, her future, and herself…

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Crimson Poison

Nat lives aboard a junk boat with her guardian, Jamuka, in a futuristic Hong Kong. She is the heiress to her parents' vast gaming empire, which is worth millions - a fact that has not escaped her greedy aunt's attention. When Jamuka is called away to Mongolia on urgent family business, Aunt Vera swoops in, determined to become Nat's legal guardian.

Armed with her robot dragon Fizz, and with help from her best friend Wen and cousin Henry, Nat sets off to find her guardian, hoping she can discover who is poisoning his clan, then bring him home again.

Details are what bring futuristic worlds to life, and Crimson Poison is bursting with them: from hover boards and pet robots to clothes that can broadcast films. The excitement and adventure jumps off every page, gripping the reader right to the end. A great read.

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Crimson Poison

5 stars

... have just inhaled all the characters in Susan Moore’s fantastic asian adventure in ‘Crimson Poison’

By Lucy Petrieon 5 July 2016

I have just inhaled all the characters in Susan Moore’s fantastic asian adventure in ‘Crimson Poison’. Led by a feisty Nat Walker, someone that any girl or boy with a spirit of adventure would want to be - not only brave, technologically adept but courteous as well which means she can deviously get away with many things. I love her clashes with Aunt Vera, her close relationship with her guardian Jamuka and her loyal old dragonbot Fizz. I also love the creative language which lures you further into Nat's world. I can’t wait for the next instalment. A top read!.

5 stars

fun and really likeable

By Jen H on 5 July 2016

Crimson Poison is in my top 5 reads I couldn't put the book down. The main character Nat is adventurous, fun and really likeable. It was good to have a main character who is a girl as most adventure stories have boys as the main character. The book is set in Hong Kong and the descriptions made me feel I was there too so I could really get into the story. I liked the short chapters and they gave the book a good pace. I am really looking forward to the next book so I can find out what happens to Nat and her Dragonbot Fizz!

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Crimson Poison

Great kids Sci-fi

Review by Waterstones, Sheffield

It has the feeling of good old Saturday morning cartoons with fun characters and action. A refreshing new book for the age range, there aren't many good science fiction books for kids that come close to this kind of theme, but any kids who loved Big hero 6 will immediately enjoy this book, given the hero has a pet robotic dragon and rides a hover board!

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Crimson Poison

"This is one of the best books I ever read!"

By Edie, aged 9

“This is one of the best books I ever read! I love all the new technology, and I would give anything to try a Popko juice. Also, wolves are my favourite animal, and they feature in this book so I couldn’t turn it down! I admire the bravery of Nat, the calmness of Jamuka , and the style of Wen. Even though I love the two girl characters, Jamuka is still my favourite.” – via Toppsta

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Crimson Poison

"It’s a lot of fun"

Review by Geekdad

The world of Crimson Poison is filled with fun gadgets: the kids all have little robots that serve as smartphones and companions; they ride Sliders, a sort of hoverboard scooter; e-textiles in their T-shirts let them display photos and videos of their choice. It’s a lot of fun, even with scheming aunts and evil masterminds, and I can imagine a lot of kids will want Sliders and robots of their own after reading this one.

Read the full review on Geekdad

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Emerald Secret

"Mysterious… Secretive… Exciting…"

Review by Julia Marsen

Our two year 5&6 book clubs met to discuss Emerald Secret and the conversations abounded with these words- ‘Mysterious… Secretive… Weird… Adventurous… Technological… Futuristic… Exciting.’

Many of the Book Clubbers LOVED the character Ivy, who was described by one as ‘a crazy maniac’. We all agreed that Susan Moore had created a really successful villain and we appreciated Moore’s use of malodorous descriptions to depict Ivy as the perfect, if a little smelly, ‘baddy’.

Read the full review on Ottie and the Bea

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Emerald Secret

"…it's facinating…"

Review by Primary Times

I would recommend it to my friends as I think it's facinating how they have come up with inventions that might be around in the future. I think both boys and girls would like it and it would be good for children aged 9 to 12/13. My favourite bit was when Nat entered the virtual reality world for the first time. I didn't like it when Ivy admits to killing Jamuka as I think it defeats the object of a mysterious murder. I would give it 4 stars out of 5. – via Primary Times

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Emerald Secret

"…a fast-paced adventure story…"

Review by Sandra Hill

Kickass heroine Nat Walker moves to London to start boarding school, as directed in her late parents' will. Readers will be rooting for Nat as she navigates a new city - and unknown villains - with many a wrong turning along the way... – via Reading Zone

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BBC Radio Interview with Susan

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Why Are Orphan Heroes Such Compelling Protagonists In Children’s Literature?

by Susan Moore

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Star Wars' Skywalker Ranch became second home for robot-loving North Staffs kids author

By John Woodhouse

A boarding school, a grand old building, spooky, atmospheric, and a young pupil making their way into an unknown and magical world. By rights, Susan Moore should have written Harry Potter.

Instead her past life as a pupil of Denstone College would give her an unwitting insight into the psyche of one of children's literature's most engaging and original characters, Nat Walker, the orphan heiress to a games empire, drawn into a deadly game of revenge, corruption and world domination.

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Susan Moore author interview

By Reading Zone

We asked Susan Moore to tell us more about the trilogy, creating settings for her stories and what she has planned for the final book!

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